PVC Joinery


Windows is one of the most important elements of our house. Properly selected emphasize its character and become a showcase of building. Schuco profiles ,available only under the brand Euroraam designed for customers who appreciate asthetics and modernity. For prestige of our windows consist safty and guarantee the warmest of PVC windows.Our offer fulfill w wide range of colors and unique door handles and accessories.


Aluminium constructions


Aluminium construction systems are the combination of functionality and style created for modern architectural forms. Aluminium doors and windows made of aluminium systems are now the alternative to wooden and PVC doors and windows.The possibilities offered by the application of innovative solutions and very extensive range of colors allow you to produce doors and windows , not only resistans to weather conditions but also visually attractive.

Wooden windows


Wooden windows are picked by those who appreciate naturalness and classical elegance. Wooden windows are products developed on the basis of the natural material, which has many advantages. Wood is a renewable resource, a fully secure for environment. It also provides a very good thermal insulation, filtration of air which positively affects the microclimate inside. Perfectly presented in combination with a modern facade, as well as historical.

Roller shutters and accessories


Window blinds with its functionality are an integral part of modern construction technology. They represent some of the most widely used solutions, which increase the level of privacy. The installation of roller shutters allows you to use them to increase the comfort inside the building, reducing heat loss or excessive heat, reduce noise, and as a form of security. Moreover, thanks to a wide range of colors available blinds can be perfectly fit both modern as well as traditional objects.

Protect from getting cold. Insulation in Euroraam windows.

Aliplast Star      UF ~ 0,7
Reayners CS 86      UF ~ 1,0
Schuco SI 82      UF ~ 1,1
Reayners CS 77      UF ~ 1,2
Schuco Corona CT 70      UF ~ 1,3
Aliplast Superial      UF ~ 1,4
Aliplast Imperial      UF ~ 1,5
Reayners CS 68      UF ~ 1,8

The company Euro Raam is a manufacturer of premium windows and doors. The main objective of the company is striving to meet customers growing requirements while ensuring maximum efficiency of all processes.

Our business is based on competent staff, practices and cooperation with the best suppliers like Schuco, Reayners, Aliplast or Roto

In our offer you can find a wide range of windows, entrance doors, sliding doors, roller shutters and other assortments of complementary window and door joinery.